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You have come to the home of all things Free To Be. Have a look around, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions at all. If you're looking for the book, DVD, or album of Free To Be...You And Me, you can find them all on our merchandise page. There are a few song clips sitting over there on the left. Have a listen. Whether you've been a fan for 32 years, or you've just heard of us, welcome.


ELAINE LARON (1930 - 2013)

The Free To Be family is very sad to announce the loss of one of our cherished members. Elaine Laron passed away on June 6th, 2013 in Los Angeles of pneumonia. She was 83.  Elaine wrote "The Sun and The Moon," "No One Else," and "What Are Little Boys Made Of?" for Free To Be.

We will miss her dearly.



The brand new 35th Anniversary Edition Free To Be...You And Me book is now available--complete with all new artwork.

It's already on the New York Times Children's Book Best Seller List. We're very excited.

Come check it out!"
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Note: If you'd like to use Free To Be....You And Me in another project (use of logo, songs, or written content for text book or movie or other references) you must get written permission from us prior to use. Please contact us at for more information.

The one exception is that there is a play version of FTB, and anyone interested in creating a production outside the New York area should contact Rodgers and Hammerstein at R &H Licensing 800-400-8160 (see our merchandise page above). Any production within NYC should contact the Foundation.